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Lavender flowers are known for its beauty, charm, grace, resilience, calmness and elegance. It is a spiritual connection and appreciation of nature’s magnificence.  Inspired by the memories of my mother and her love, I have created “Lavender Ally Farm” in Rogue River, OR. This is a peaceful place to start a masterpiece for all to enjoy.  The “U pick” field, which has 13 different varieties of lavender with all unique fragrances, will emotionally resonate with each one of us. The different shades of lavender will be nothing but a picture perfect portrait from all angles.    If you have ever looked out over a lavender field, you will enjoy the hypnotizing elegance of the different types of lavender.    Our circular field is created with the “tree of life” concept.   It symbolizes togetherness and serves as a reminder that you are never alone or isolated, but rather that you are connected to the world.  Standing in the center of the gazebo will just allow you to absorb the unique foliage of the lavender blossoms. Our varieties of lavenders include: Grosso, Melissa, Dwarf White, White Spike, Seal, Provence, Betty’s Blue, Folgate, Royal Velvet, Silver Frost, Phenomenal, Hidcote Giant, and Munstead.  We hope to see you during events and enjoy the fruit of our labor. 

Types of Lavender

Hidcote Giant Lavender has masses of lovely spikes of fragrant violet blooms with blue hints rising over the foliage from early to late summer, which are most successful when planted in groupings. The blossoms are fabulous for cutting. It has alluring grayish-green foliage. The fragrant needles are exceedingly decorative and turn coppery-bronze in drop. The natural product isn’t ornamentally critical.

Folgate: A bushy lavender variety, about medium height, 24 to 30 in. Spikes are 1 to 4 in. Stems are about 6.5 to 9 in. The leaves are a medium shade of green. Often called English Lavender but is not native to England, but was introduced there about 1933. It came to the Pacific West by the mid-1900s. Its color is from light blue-violet to vivid blue-violet. It is a particularly fragrant and an average oil producer.  It is our favorite variety for Angustifolia bud.  It is a culinary favorite of our customers.  The stems tend to be crooked and the bud does not stay on the stem very well.  It is why you most often see this variety as oil or loose bud.  Folgate is one of the first lavenders to bloom each year. We use Folgate for fresh bouquets, bud, and essential oil.  

Melissa lavender could be a bit non-traditional in that it has slight lavender-pink blossoms with white/pinkish buds. Melissa has bushy thick green-gray foliage and is 24 to 28 in tall. Its stems are 5 to 9 in.  It was presented by Van Hevelingen Herb Nursery in Oregon. It’s exceptionally beautiful blended with the conventional lavender colors and makes another one of a kind culinary flavor when cooking.  It is an amazing basic oil maker and incorporates a special sweet lavender/vanilla scent.

Regal Velvet Lavender is exceptionally comparable to an assortment called ‘Twickel Purple’ which has an open bush, 28 to 32 in tall, stems 10 to 15 in long and lovely blue-violet to dim blue-lavender corollas. This lavender assortment was raised at Norfolk Lavender, Joined together Kingdom, within the 1940s. It’s developed for its decorative plantings and culinary employments. We utilize Regal Velvet for new bouquets, dried bouquets, and fundamental oil.

Provence is one of the foremost prevalent varieties of lavender developed within the world.  Provence has thick and long light purple spikes with long stems.  Provence’s gentler lighter scent makes it a favorite of numerous farmers.  

Silver Frost has excellent fluffy silver foliage.  Silver Frost has long stems like other lavenders but a bit more woody and forceful than other lavender plants.  Besides, the Silver Frost plant could be a slow-growing assortment and can take time some time recently it appears a huge number of stems.  The blooms are a light grayish purple like Grosso but more round and hollow and fat like Hidcote Giant.

The seal may be an exceptionally expansive plant-like numerous other lavenders but can develop indeed bigger than assortments like Grosso.  Seal blossoms prior to most lavenders but is comparative in color, stem length, and spiked bloom heads.  Seal does be that as it may have a sweeter fragrance compared to more camphor assortments like Grosso.

Betty blue lavender may be a superb complement plant with its huge, deep violet-blue blossoms on erect stems that don’t splay, English Lavender ‘Betty’s Blue’ could be a compact and clean assortment of Lavender that forms attractive domes within the cultivate. Its fragrant blossoms may be dried and utilized in potpourris. It could be a marvelous impact on mass plantings. Sweetly fragrant, it is idealized to utilize new or dried.

White Spike: 36-40″ Middle Lavandin, 16-20″ stems; white bloomsunequivocally scented, blossoms mid-summer, culinary employmentsfabulous differentiate in scenes. The color white may be a striking differentiate in both new bouquets and dried courses of actionSince of its high camphor substance, Spike Lavender could be a way better choice for facilitating cerebral painshurts or respiratory issues. It has decongestant, antiviral and pain-relieving properties. For mental incitement and concentration, Spike Lavender works fair as well as other concentration-boosting basic oils.

Dwarf White’ may be an exceptionally little Lavender nearly scaled-down when compared to others. Exceptionally moo developing, compact, with exceedingly fragrant foliage culminate for edging a bed or walk. Brief spike of white blossomsLimit, grey-green, fragrant foliage. Compact propensity. Culinary; include blossoms and clears out sparingly to stews and to flavor sugar for utilize in puddings, and preparing.

Munstead produces Lavender blooms that are much bluer in color and have that superb sweet genuine scent that’s profoundly desired. This Lavandula could be a moo developing Lavender bush sort which does well as an edging for ways bearing a parcel of blossoms making a fragrant Lavender support. The takes off of the plant are grayish-green and limit in the frame.

That creates these blooms indeed more alluring for create purposes. The wealthy aroma that ‘Grosso’ lavender sprouts offer moreover works well in culinary applications. Use ‘Grosso’ blossoms as you’d any other culinary lavender to season pastries and savory dishes, as well as teas and spreads.

Amazing could be a French lavender half breed particularly created for winter solidness combined with warm and stickiness resilience. Lavandula ‘Phenomenal’ plants shape normally delicate hills of brilliant green foliage. The blossom spikes are profoundly purple-blue and intensely scented, a magnet for an assortment of pollinating creepy crawlies. It has long been cherished for its shimmering green foliage, its exquisite light purple blooms, and its brilliant fragrance.

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